GRAY 7/8" X 6' w/ 6" Loop Rimsling Synthetic Shipping Container Slings

GRAY 7/8" X 6' w/ 6" Loop Rimsling Synthetic Shipping Container Slings

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Introducing the RimSling Synthetic Shipping Container Slings! These specialized lifting slings are specifically designed for container pocket lifting or pulling. They can be inserted in both the top or bottom pockets of a shipping container and utilized even while on its side, without performing a double pick necessary with other types of rigging. These container slings feature a dipped, rubberized slider guard to prevent wear at the point of lifting or pulling. The safety and strength of these shipping container slings make them a great alternative to foundry hooks, which can be tip loaded or get in a bind when changing lifting or pulling angles.

The RimSling Synthetic Shipping Container Sling has a diameter of 7/8" and a length of 6'. There is a 6" eye at either end of the sling. These container slings can also be used in a variety of other rigging applications.
WLL: Basket - 37,040 lbs | Vertical - 18,520 lbs | Choker - 14,816 lbs. 5:1 Safety Factor. These slings are available in 11 different colors (Purple is standard).


  • Container Sling
  • Available Colors: Purple (Standard), Black, Blue, Gray, Light Blue, Military Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Safety Green, and Yellow
  • 5:1 Safety Factor
  • 7/8" x 6' with 6" loop
  • Vertical WLL: 18,520 lbs.
  • Basket WLL: 37,040 lbs.
  • Choker WLL: 14,816 lbs.