ITI Starter Ramp Pair - Aluminum Bed

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The ITI Starter Ramps (pair of 2) bridge the gap between the tail of a flatbed car carrier or trailer ramp and the ground surface - creating an easy transition between uneven surfaces. The low load angle these ramps provide prevents unnecessary damage to high-end vehicles or equipment with low clearance issues. Depending on the style of the approach tail of a flatbed car carrier or trailer, to sit properly in place these starter ramps have two designs to choose from...(1) a 90 degree notch to accommodate the tail of a steel approach plate or (2) a rounded notch to accommodate an aluminum constructed approach.

The ITI ramp is made from a unique recycled material which provides the most durable and longest lasting performance versus competitive products. All skates by ITI, formerly I Tow In, Inc., are manufactured in the USA.