TowMate 22" Wireless Tow Light, Lime

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This 22" Wireless Tow Light from TowMate is known as the "Lime Light" because of its lime color. The Lime Light is TowMate's best-selling wireless tow light. It has 14 LED's that provide stop, turn, and tail signals wirelessly. This basic unit is not compatible with an I-Mon reminder system. It comes with two 90 lb. pull magnets that have rubber boots, making it easy to mount just about anywhere. Choose from any transmitter at no additional charge. The transmitter options include 4-PIN Round (Standard), 4 PIN Flat, 6 PIN Round, 7 PIN Round, 7 PIN RV Style, and a Hardwire Transmitter. If you're looking for style, savings, and dependability, then this tow light is for you.